A while back I had the rare opportunity to visit Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA, and work with one of its animation teams to create a custom animated Kellogg's / Disney • Pixar promotion for Toy Story 3 (first video posted below). I drew storyboards and planned cinematography as well as directed the design of Andy's room in the live action scene of this spot.

I also worked on the Kellogg's / Disney • Pixar Cars 2 promotion (second video posted below). For this we used a pre-animated clip chosen from a kit provided by Pixar. I then custom designed the product and promotion scenes to intergrate the Kellogg's brand seamlessly.

Kellogg's / Toy Story 3 Promotion

Kellogg's / Cars 2 Promotion

Personal Photos from the Studio (mobile phone cameras have certainly come a long way)

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