A couple of years ago Wyoming Tourism launched their beautifully art directed "Stickers" campaign ("stickers" comes from adhesive, illustrated stickers road-trippers collect when visiting specified locations throughout Wyoming). They then launched a TV spot to expand the campaign's reach, and my job was to design billboards and banner ads to support this new effort.

Below are references to the aforementioned existing stickers and TV spot. And below that are my billboard designs, photos of 2 billboards as seen in Denver, and a banner ad storyboard. I'd like to mention I used only existing assets from the sticker .ai files to create this work. In other words, they were a steal. Anyhow, enjoy.

Existing Assets

Image of Roadtrip Stickers        

Billboard Layouts
Image of Devils Tower Layout

Image of Yellowstone Layout

Image of Tetons Layout

Billboards In-Situ


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