Hi, I'm Anthony, 16-year multi-disciplined, hands-on commercial artist.

I began my career at Leo Burnett in Chicago. After working with professional photographers, designers, illustrators, animators, and directors, I've become more and more interested in hands-on work. I now pride myself in bringing the visions of others to life as well as taking my own ideas all the way through to finish.

As you will see, I have a broad skill set and tons of unique experiences, as my interests change. These interests are what keep me engaged. I'd like to note that I have been focused on motion design and video editing over the past few years and have put together a couple reels of works whilst also juggling design, art direction, illustration, and photography assignments.

Outside of work I enjoy nature, socializing, auto mechanics, carpentry, and creating and performing music. On occasion I perform solo, with guitar, at open mics. I have a unique singing voice that has turned heads a time or two.

Go forth and learn.
[email protected]